Fragrant Oil Coconut


We offer an exceptional range of fragrances suitable for a variety of different uses such as candles, soaps and skincare.
All of these fragrances are made of a combination of natural and synthetic materials, they are not to be confused with essential oils.
Fragrant oils are cheaper but still offer exciting possibilities. They are all 100% natural, but have no therapeutic benefits.

Disclaimer: Some fragrances may discolour wax and soap due to their own colour and/or the natural reaction to other ingredients. Therefore it is highly recommended that you conduct your own testing. This cannot be considered a ‘fault’ with the fragrance oil or the wax

Packaging: Our essential and fragrant oils come in amber glass bottle with a black polyring cap.

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Colour: Discolours to a light tan

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10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1ltr


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